Jango Armor: List the makers?


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I have seen a few armor sets (wickebeard being one of them recently), And I myself used 0.7mm aluminium sheets for my armor(due to inavailability of machines or strength to cut thicker aluminium sheets) and it some how looks flat and does not have the curvaures of the armor Jango has...

so i wonder are there actually any makers / supplies of jango armor (the full / partial set) we can get?


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It is JD you seek.....
He sells armor with a great Curved look, just what your after.
I have a heavily modified set & love it.
Check out the JangoUri Costume 2.0 thread in the Jango page to see it looking awesome.

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I think that we need to be careful in naming people and this is something that really should be kept to pm's. We do not want to attract undo attention to our armor makers just in case someone is watching ;)