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Update 10-23
Heres a better pic of how my new MLC pack looks on my manny. I think I'm pretty much finnished with the painting/weathering. Just have to add the trusters and the stabalizer & shes ready to rock & roll. Thanx alot everybody for the comments & support.

*Special thanx to Mardon & his team, and of course...thanx alot to Rex;)
Thanx also to Vashdampe for the awesome decals;)


End update......................................................

Heres a quick update. Thanx for the comments so far everybody:) Havent done a whole lot with it yet...mostly really subtle stuff that doesn't show up on pics, ( a bit more cowbell :lol:). Really wish we had better ref. pics for this dang thing. Like...you know how if you look at the esb film pics and promo shots of the bucket, it looks mildly weathered. But then you you look at some of the awesome pics that some of our members have taken of the MOM exhibit in the UK(I think), and it becomes aparent how extensive the weathering on the bucket really is??? Well...thats kinda how I feel about the JP. I know its gotta be weathered much more than what shows up on the ESB pomo shots, (and what you can pick up from the film itself) Anywho, this is what I've done so far. Hopefully I can find time during the daylight hours to get some decent pics of how it looks in natural light. Keep that input comin, and thanx again for the comments so far;)



End update........................................................

Hey folks. I finally got around to working on my MLC JP today. Still have a ways to go, (needs more cow bell :lol:)but thought I'd get some feed back if I could. Color is POG. It looks very green w/ the flash, but much duller in person. Guess most of you know what a funky color it is. Anway, thanx for looking:)

jet pack.JPG
Yeah, I know she needs alot more cow bell, but I'm not exactly shure how to go about it. I think I got the major slilver areas covered as far as I can tell...(We only have about 2 decent pics of the real one) I think the real one doesn't have alot of silver showing through, but it is filty looking. Think I'm gonna go ahead & do a blackwash, then some more charcoal, and see how it looks. After that, brobably scrape through the green to show through a few more small silver areas on the edges & so forth.
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Looks good so far, all I see is the thrusters needs to be put on corners need roughed up the edges, and the silver on the rocket. Also doesnt the jet pack have a slight sheen to it? Oh and the big stabilizer and beacon, hmm come to think of it that it alot.
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It's hard to tell from pics of the original how scraped up it actually was, a lot of the finer scratches just don't show up on film. Lookin good though ;)
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Come on guys...I've only been working on it for 1 day. :lol: I'll post more pics later, (after I work on it some more) Thanx for the comments fellas;)
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Nice I wish I was working on a jet pack its all I need for this Halloween. Unfortunately I wont have the time to do one uuhhg. Good job so far ,now lets see it come to life.
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Amazing paintjob!
I really like how you actually went as far as making the accurate hooks for the jet pack to go into the harness :)
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Thanx a million for all the comments fellas...really made my day:) Micke, I am hoping to have the entire suit completed soon, and will post pics from other angles so you can see the bucket better. Jedi Bob: I absolutely love this pack...It is super light, yet very sturdy. I haven't actually weighed it, but I bet you could troop all day with one of these on, and not get tired. I'm guessing its right around 8 lbs or less. Thanx again for the comments everybody:)

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