J Kid\'s shin tools (pic)

Jangos kid

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J Kid's shin tools (pic)

Hey all. Thought I'd show everyone my shin tools that I finally finished. I know they arent too terribly accurate, but I think they turned out OK. They'll be hidden in my coverall pockets anyway :lol: pic kinda sucks, but thanx for looking :)

*Whoops, sorry guys, that was supposed to be in shin tools. (i'm really tired :lol:) Mods or someone, whould you be kind enough to move this to Blasters & shin tools. Thanx alot!

Megalomaniac Mando

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They look great! Hey, did you ever think of the trouble it'd be to knap these? heh heh heh (inside joke for a couple of flint-knapping fools :) )
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