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Well, the pictures are reeeeeeaally fuzzy. . . makes it hard to make out much of anything. It seems you have the basics of weathering down, but some clearer pictures would get some more responses I think.
What kind of helmet is it? A Don Post?

Loranar Fett

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Good Effort - we all have to start somewhere - JF_JR is an excellent example of that. He has a cool post somewhere showing the progression of his suit. Keep up the good work!



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Excellent job man! You've did an awesome job weathering that thing! So when do you start work on the rest of the suit?


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beginner fett said:
I actually started working on my suit before i even got my helmet.
but I'm saving up for some sheet metal so i can start on my armor
and knee pads.
Ah...I see. Going for REAL WORKING Mando armor, eh? :lol:

Sorry...:lol: I had to throw that High Clam lord reference in there somewhere.

Sounds cool though. Sheet metal will help you make the dents better! Just drop something on it! And over time you'll get real battle scars on the armor...from like...bumping into walls and stuff. :lol:

Seriously though, that's really neat. Can't wait to see it all together.


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:) I like the paint job, specially for a first bucket up!!

but that helmet just warps so terribly, but that aint your fault.

I do suggest getting a new one, like the Rubies Jango (wich is slightly better modelled, and about the same price) and unleash your new found talent on that one :)


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Way to go Beginner Fett! It's a difficult task to undertake, and worth every minute! Just ask anyone on this board. Keep us posted on your progress, as I'm sure you've figured out it's a pretty addictive pastime.

BTW, I went with sheet metal armor too. It's a little tough to work with, but when your buddies knock on your chest and it's metal, the look on their face is worth it!