IT: Mahogany Replacement Stock for Webley Flare Guns


Boba Debt

I have been working with a commercial carving shop on a replacement stock for Webley Flare Guns.

This is a real stock:


Each one will be identical to the real thing including all of the tapers and radiused edges but they will not have the holes drilled for the bracket nor the back sling swivel.

They will be made from mahogany which is a very dark wood with a grain pattern that is consistent to the real stock.

These should work as a great replacement for the resin Stock that comes with the MB kits and I am sure they will fit the HS Bronze Replicas too.

The company that is carving these will use a huge pantograph and they carve 24 items at one time.

So in order to do this I must have 23 committed buyers.

The cost will be $40 plus shipping.

I will accept names until I have 23 sold or March 21st, which ever comes first.

If I do not have 23 sold by March 21 I will have to scrap the project.

Once I have enough committed buyers I will invoice everyone and collect the pre-payments.

After everyone has pre-paid I will give the shop the go ahead and it will take up to 30 days to have them carved.

If you are interested post below and email me at

Please put " Webley Stock " in the subject line and the following info in the body:

Forum ID

Real Name
Telephone Number

Payment Method: PayPal or Money Order

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