Is this seller ok?


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i was searching that interenet bidding site that so many people rave about and found some fett EE-3 resing ESB parts but I am unsure if the seller is good or not as I dont want to be buying off people who are ripping off other peoples hard worked items. I just wanted to know if this seller ...Steve12365 is offence meant to anyone.

It seems like his parts are pictured with original parts so its probably not a rip off of other people's work. Probably not too many people out there scratchbuilding those parts anyway. If you are willing to look hard enough originals are available.

They look like fairly clean casts also. You can see a few air bubbles if you look close enough. But thats why the good Deity above gave us putty;)
Hi guys , I can highly recomend this E-bay seller .....its me :lol:

They are all guaranteed 1st generation and are cast from the V8 engine kit (early one ) and Amp (molex ) connecters.I also have a mold for the ROTJ stock greeblie from the V8 kit if anyone needs that too :)

they are molded in Polyurethane resin too ,not yucky brittle polyester (y)

thanks Steve
I recieved everything fine, and they look really good im just not sure where to stick everything on....I havent really started putting the kit together yet, I wanted to get all the pieces first but its a bit hard trying to get all the pieces for the scope mount.
Its on my to do list (ESB scope mount brackets ) trouble is it keeps getting longer !! . I am sure i have seen that Sidewinder did some a while back as well as an ASI scope ,if you PM him I am sure he can help out.

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