Is this a "mystery" helm??? help!


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Is this a "mystery" helmet??? NEW PICS :)

Helmet experts,
Need some opinions please! I have an opportunity to buy this. . . but I'm not as well-versed in helmetology as some of you.

Is this actually a mystery helmet?

Thanks for any info!

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Looks very close. but what I am concerned with for this amount of money, the helmet isnt painted very accurate..
actually besides the ears I think it looks pretty close to the color of the helmet when bobas waiting for vader outside the interagating room with lando.
cal196 said:
Looks very close. but what I am concerned with for this amount of money, the helmet isnt painted very accurate..

Really? What do you think are the problems with the paintjob? I thought it looked good. Not perfect, but darn good.
I think it looks very good to . It may not be screen accurate ( I'm no expert ) but it looks dam good for detail . The weathering is impressive .

The only thing about "Mystery helmets" on ebay anymore is the mystery of how many are on there all the time:facepalm

I wouldn't buy one unless I knew the person selling it here. If you like it and like the paintjob then go for it,as that's what really matters. Otherwise think twice when buying replica props off of ebay.

It's hard to say without looking closer at the dent. It is a really nice paintjob and I am sure that the green stands out like it does because of the photo's being taken outside and such.
I don't believe the helmet to be a "mystery" helmet but closer to a DP deluxe, possibly one of the "hybrid" helmets. It is pretty hard to pick out the defining details that seperate the helmets apart with the pics that are given. The colours look fairly decent but there is no way to tell how good the detail is from small pictures taken from that distance. If you were proud of your work you'd probably want to display lots of larger individual pictures from different angles.

If you are truely interested in this piece I would contact the seller and ask for some better INDIVIDUAL pictures taken closer up. Like I said, you really can't say that it has good details from that pic.
I agree with Marrow if you want it buy it and ask the seller questions or get closer pics....I dont beleive its one of my "Hybrid" helmets as the dent it alot different than the one I did.It looks close to a MH or a reworked DP deluxe..not sure though.If your buying for alot of coin I would get as much info as possible.
I agree it's impossible to definitely ID the type of helmet without closer pics. However, it does have several "Mystery Helmet" characteristics.

From that distance, I think paint job is really damn good. Not sure what it looks like up close, but from that distance it's pretty impressive. The colors also appear to be in the ballpark with the real colors.
Wow! Thanks for all the responses!

I'm not a "noob" to SW props, been collecting/building for about 3 years, but I am not as well versed in Fett stuff as many of you. . . so your opinions are GENUINELY appreciated :D

I have asked the seller for better pics, this was almost 2 full days ago, and *hopefully* I'll get some. If he disregards my request for better pics, then I'll prolly pass on this helmet.

I agree with several posts saying the paintjob looks really good. I also agree the colors look somehow. . . off. But again, as stated, it may be because it's an outdoor picture.

Anyway, thanks again guys!

Oh yeah, if this one doesn't pan out, I am definitely in the market for a good quality PAINTED helmet *cough! Spidey! cough* LOL. So any ideas, sellers, sources, etc, please post or PM me!
The "front" shot looks like a mystery, quite a nice flair, however, the "side shot leads me to believe that it has ties with a DP deluxe. The bottom of the helmet has a very steep downward angle as it travels from back to front, very much like the DP Deluxe.

Good luck with it
The colors just look all wierd to me. maybe its just the picture of something, The paintjob itself is really nice, well compared to some of the helmets here it doesnt look as super detailed.
OK, more opinions! Coolness :)
Here's a pic I threw together comparing this "mystery" helmet with Spideyfett's MS2 from another thread.
I edited Spideyfett's photo to try to match the angle, and cleaned up the background a bit. And if this isn't OK, please tell me and I'll remove it ASAP!!

I altered the color balance on the unknown helmet to simulate more indoor lighting (actually, my wife showed me how. . . she's a photo-manipulating whiz, LOL)
Whaddya think?

GE Spidey comparison.jpg
Spidey's helmet shape is better. and like I said the helmet has a good paintjob, but just look the the perfect placement of paint and extra details Spidey gave the helmet.
Hi all,

Got some newer pics from the seller. The first is a comparison between his helmet, the unpainted one, and a DP Dlx.
The second is the same as I posted in my 1st post, only he said the color was off in the first one he sent me, and has been fixed in this one.
Any new comments?
Also, he's only about an hour and a half away from me, and offered to have me come up and check it out in person.


GExpo color corrected1.jpg
It would appear to me that the T-visor "squint" would match that of the DP Deluxe as the mystery helmet is narrower. Now it's STILL hard to tell from the small pic but it looks like the arrows are straight, the mystery helmet arrows are slightly misaligned. The third thing that tells me its not a mystery helmet is the RF cap. It would appear to have a 3 piece assembly like the DP deluxe. Again without better pictures its hard to 100% ID the bucket.
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