is the helmet to big, or am i to small?


ok, i think either the helmet i bought is too big, or im just to scrawny...or is it supposed to be like that? what should i do to make my body size match the helmet?
no, i cant find my camera, and its a don post, but i had to heat it up in the oven to make it fit alittle better because it came really messed up...i dunno it just makes my head look about 4 inches fatter then the rest of my body lol
If you're 6 feet tall and wearing a Don Post if anything IT should be too small. Don Posts are undersized from the real deal. Did you try it on with the rest of the costume or just on it's own?
If you are wearing just your helmet, without the rest of the costume, it may look big. Pics would be the best to help you determine. If its a Don Post, you pretty much can't go smaller anyways
well, like i said, i did heat it up and widen it, it looks alittle more like the mystery helmet now (i think thats what its called, i dunno im a noob) anyway, i think it looks the way it does because i kinda have a giraffe neck, so i padded the vest alittle and it looks alittle better, i also added alittle more padding around the neck so it helped...and yes, the helmet has a liner. thanks for the help
Remember your helmet to body size will change when you get your full armor on.
If your helmet seems too small before you have tried it without armor, it will look even smaller.
If it looks too big for you without armor it will look smaller when you get your armor on.

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