Iron Man 3d model for Pepakura

Gemini Khan

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DungBeetle, you've done an excellent job! Your helmet is for sure the one that comes the closest to the one seen on screen! Also, I was really impressed by your sharing of the files. That really made me appreciate you! Excellent job!


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The ears pull in a little from where they are on the actual model, but I'm just going to stuff a cut down paper towel tube in between them to get it back where it needs to be for when I glass it.


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how much are you selling your Iron Man pep file for and is it for the complete suit? I'm interested in purchasing your file. email me at

The first helmet I made is free. I abandoned working on the rest. The link posted above by Tankboy has some excellent highly accurate armor parts. I'm using the medium definition files. Not all of them have been cleaned up and unfolded in pepakura, but they are being updated as they are completed.


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The link is not broken, must be your PC. I've given a crack at unfolding the super-HD chestpiece, but I gave up. It lags SOOOOOO bad. The MEdium def ones are good though.


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hellow sir u hav one awesome work! i dont have an armor pdo..uhh,,

can i request for yours? im gonna use it for a i have to buy it?


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