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New Hunter
hi there,
my name is Thorsten and i'm a SW maniac from germany. After finishing (you're never finished) my tie pilot and biker scout costumes i've started to build a boba costume.
After endless hours of research (especially in TDH) i crawl out of my cave to show my progress. There are still many things to do (jumpsuit, wookie scalps, back armor, shoes. etc...). I must not think about building the jet pack (building R2-D2 is a walk-over in comparison).
What do you think so far?

Guten Tag! Welcome to TDH.

Looks good so far. (y)

My feedback would be more weathering on the soft parts, and more yellow in the armor. Also, I can't tell for sure from the picture, but it looks like you are missing your knee darts?

Keep us posted on your progress.

I agree with GF here. But looks like your missing the neck part. I could be wrong, prob am. But so far so good. I hope mine looks that well once i get done with it.
Looks good. The belt looks like a Jango version more then a Boba. Need to weather the suit up and get a neck seal. Scope looks a little long on the blaster.
Thanks for the feedback,
this is only a pic of my progress to proof if i am on the right way. There are still a lot of things missing:

- accurate jumpsuit with puches and weathering
- neckseal
- wookie scalps
- hoses for the gauntlets
- more accurate gloves
- (don't mention the jet pack)

Tambo you're right. First i planned to do a jango fett and i built the pouches for the belt. Now i'm thinking about to change the pouches.

If I can nit pick I would say A better area of concentration would be your helmet, needs a bit more flare, and it wouldnt cost much.

Also your armor looks a bit big on you.
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