introducing and feedback wanted


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hi there,
my name is Thorsten and i'm a SW maniac from germany. After finishing (you're never finished) my tie pilot and biker scout costumes i've started to build a boba costume.
After endless hours of research (especially in TDH) i crawl out of my cave to show my progress. There are still many things to do (jumpsuit, wookie scalps, back armor, shoes. etc...). I must not think about building the jet pack (building R2-D2 is a walk-over in comparison).
What do you think so far?


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Guten Tag! Welcome to TDH.

Looks good so far. (y)

My feedback would be more weathering on the soft parts, and more yellow in the armor. Also, I can't tell for sure from the picture, but it looks like you are missing your knee darts?

Keep us posted on your progress.



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I agree with GF here. But looks like your missing the neck part. I could be wrong, prob am. But so far so good. I hope mine looks that well once i get done with it.

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Looks good. The belt looks like a Jango version more then a Boba. Need to weather the suit up and get a neck seal. Scope looks a little long on the blaster.


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Thanks for the feedback,
this is only a pic of my progress to proof if i am on the right way. There are still a lot of things missing:

- accurate jumpsuit with puches and weathering
- neckseal
- wookie scalps
- hoses for the gauntlets
- more accurate gloves
- (don't mention the jet pack)

Tambo you're right. First i planned to do a jango fett and i built the pouches for the belt. Now i'm thinking about to change the pouches.



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If I can nit pick I would say A better area of concentration would be your helmet, needs a bit more flare, and it wouldnt cost much.

Also your armor looks a bit big on you.