Inside your helmet...


I am borrowing a picture from swedolorian (hope thats ok) to show what I think is an incredible job! (y) I was wondering, and maybe I have missed it, but is their a tutorial on how to do up your helmet to this level? I also herd about fans and voice somethign or rather inside the helmet...

I am getting mine soon and want it to be the best it can! thanks!




Tim Allen

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The fans you speak of are just simple PC fans. Usually one or two are mounted on the inside and hooked up to a 9v battery, along w/ the voice amps which can be picked up on ebay from time to time.

Also, not sure if your aware or not but that type of helmet closesure in your picture is for Jango Fett, neither version's of Boba have any closesure on the helmet, but if your doing a custon than more power to you!



here's what i did with mine
I didn't go for the seal as it gets hot enough as it is.
I do kits for these as well as trooper helmets now.



this is what is in the kit


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Another thing from my personal experience Fettist, I was wearing my stormtrooper outfit this Halloween and I have 2 computer fans built into my helmet. What I noticed was that this is nice, but it seems to circulate the warm air inside the helmet. Although this is a nice reprive from having no air movement at all....the key is to set something up that draws in the cool air from outside and dispenses the warm air out somewhere else. I would just be worried that a cover, such as the one pictured, would just be more condusive to holding this warm air in. Just my 2 cents.


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I would think you could set one of the fans up behind the key slots and have it push the air out so it creates negative pressure, thereby drawing air in under your chin. :)