Imperial Jump Suit?

I was thinking...what would Mandalorian Armor look like on an Imperial Officer's Uniform

You know, the black ones...because I've been looking all around and nobody really has black jump suits that aren't insulated.

So, then I thought....what if my Mandalorian was an ex-Imperial Officer?

Anyone know where I can purchase an officer's uniform so I can try that?
A Mandalore imperial commando would be an awesome idea. With an imperial jet pack that Dash used in the Shadows of the empire game, Imperial insignia and all on the armor. That would rock.

I know you can get a white jumpsuit and dye it black., imperial jackets have a chest fold over, but you wouldnt see that anyway. you could have the big black imperial boots with customized jet pack tools in pouches on the boots themselves........hmmm.
Sounds like a good idea. If you do want just a black flight suit though, either Boba or Jango style, try star fortress productions. I asked them to do mine in black, and it wasn't a problem.
I would say to get a hold of a tie pilot flightsuit, those already have the imperial logo on them starfortress sells them
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