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hi everyone i thought i might tell everyone that im going to make a IG-88 costume. If u guys have any ideas tell me, im doing it my way unless u guys have a godd sudjestions. ^^

shade 99

just letting u guys know that im making a costume of IG-88 i thought u guys would like to know that. Ill show u guys wht i have done in a little while in the meen time ask question is u would like or tell me ideas u have.


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Sounds cool. You may find this post moved to the Sarlacc Pit though since it doesn't deal with Boba's Armor. I would love to see pictures though!


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I'd love to see the progress on this too. Only problem I see is doing the legs. IG-88 had some real chicken legs. And, I know I'm probably way behind on this observation, but has anyone ever noticed that IG-88's head is actually the drink dispensers from the Cantina in A New Hope. I just noticed that a couple of months ago while watching Star Wars one afternoon.


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You must be one skinny dude. Are you going to wear this or is it just going to be static? I don't think this costume can be done unless it is static or rigged up with you attached like the Episode 1 3PO.