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I have this bucket I got off e-bay last year and love it but its a tad small. Mainly a little short I'd like it taller. I am looking to get an MLC or an MLC 2 which ever's bigger (What is the MLC people's contact info so I can order one.

Thanks again!
I think we may be confusing buckets here around here lately. I haven't seen too much on MLC helmets, but I know they run larger than others. The other types of helmets beginning with "M" are MS and MSH (by two different makers). Just wanted to get that straight.
Looks like another Mystery Helmet recast to me. The rounded cheek corners & uneven arrows are a dead give away. The RF inner earcap looks to be recasted from a DP Deluxe. If you need something larger then definitely go with an MLC 1. The MLC 2 will be closer in size to what you already have.
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