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I have this bucket I got off e-bay last year and love it but its a tad small. Mainly a little short I'd like it taller. I am looking to get an MLC or an MLC 2 which ever's bigger (What is the MLC people's contact info so I can order one.

Thanks again!


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I think we may be confusing buckets here around here lately. I haven't seen too much on MLC helmets, but I know they run larger than others. The other types of helmets beginning with "M" are MS and MSH (by two different makers). Just wanted to get that straight.


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Looks like another Mystery Helmet recast to me. The rounded cheek corners & uneven arrows are a dead give away. The RF inner earcap looks to be recasted from a DP Deluxe. If you need something larger then definitely go with an MLC 1. The MLC 2 will be closer in size to what you already have.

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