ID this helmet?


Is it possible to ID a helmet visually?

for example, which is this one? (the auction does not specificy maker, and I just sent a question in, but the auction end soonish, so I thought I would Check here.)


Look familar?

Definitely Don Post (but you knew that already I'm sure).

If I had to take a guess, I'd say you're probably looking at a 96.

It's certainly workable. Dome has a decent shape, which you don't see a lot - depending on the vintage.
actually I didn't..

its a DP then? excellent..

I'll see about making a bid then.

thanks for the QUICK response. you guys rock.


ps. I've found the RPF and this forum to be one of the best and most enjoyable online hangouts I've EVER found. I don't understand how people who geek about movie props could be so cool, but its true. shrug, the world works in mysterious ways..
which is cool.
I would advise you to first email the seller to be sure of what you will be paying for. Sometimes you dont get what you paid for. :)
that is a rubies. Probably one of their older ones that are of the soft vinyl. Looks much to warbly for even a DP. I have a couple 97's which were supposedly the worst of the batch and they don't look near that warbly.

Ego wrote:

Definitely Don Post (but you knew that already I'm sure).
If I had to take a guess, I'd say you're probably looking at a 96.

It is a Rubies helmet... Even the DP 97's don't look that bad....
My bad . . . forgot all about Rubies making Boba's again.

I just got thrown off with the dome! :)
That may or may not be a stock photo, but what is pictured there appears to be a Rubies helmet. At least the DP's didn't have that floppy RF side.
no guru here, but the dent and 'signature' floppy Range finder *ahem* makes it look like a Rubies.

but again, the deeply recessed Visor area (red) looks like a 96 to me....

and whats all this slamming abt the DPs?? Esp the DP 97?? i own one. I am no professional, and am just starting to try out on this prop making. But I got it off the shelf, so i could choose a decent one. Althou i didnt noe much abt what i had to look for before getting it. Joining you guys here, changed my life!!

okok..a bit OT, but i hoped i helped...

coolv1rus wrote:

and whats all this slamming abt the DPs?? Esp the DP 97?? i own one.

You wanna see a nice DP97? THIS is a nice remodified DP 97. :)

Siver coated, on the right. Another great product from Mardon!:

Stay safe


P.S. Sorry about the hijack badger. My apologies.
I've seen that same pic with the assed out RF associated with the Rubies Boba helmet.
If you are gonna do the "I just crawled out of the Sarlacc after getting whacked by a blind man" version, that's the helmet to use!

coolv1rus wrote:

and whats all this slamming abt the DPs?? Esp the DP 97??
Of all of the DP helmet's, the '97 were the worst of the bunch. The majority of them, but not all of them, were warped, namely the domes which gave the helmet a "flat top" look. Again, not all of the '97 were like this, so you may be fortunate enough to have one of the good ones from that particular production year.

Apart from being rather small (about 15% compared to the size of the real helmets), the '95-'97 DPs were the standard costumers helmet until the DP Deluxe, Altmann's Armour, and other full-size helmets became available. I had one (a '95) as do/did most of the members here.

As for the helmet pictured in the first post, it appears to be a Rubie's. I would highly recommend having the seller send you a picture of the back of it (where the manufacturer and date are stamped) before I'd consider buying it or any original vinyl helmet.
No dout that's a Rubies, I see tons of those on Ebay almost every day! :p But just look at the warpage on the helmets left cheek.. I say look harder for a better helmet, you'll come up with one sooner or later dude..
Thanks every one for the ID.. seller never answered, I didn't bid, so that was avoided.

so far no luck on eBay..

But I'll keep at it..

thanks again..
i've seen this bucket on e-bay many times, the dent looks painted on to me and what's goin on with the wonkey range finder ?!?!?!?

personally i wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot poll, and you can guarantee the helmet you get will be a rubies which looks even worse.
I thought the dent looks painted on as well. My first helmet was a DP 97 and I think it was actually a little better than this one.
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