I Was Bored so....


.... I molded up my Riddell so I could do ALL the Mandalores!

I was inspired by a member here after seeing his post. :)

Fetts 1.jpg

Fetts 2.jpg

Fetts 3.jpg
I am casting them out of resin. I was also thinking about filling them with plaster to give them some weight.

Still not sure how I wil display them.

Definitely interested in a few. That way I don't nedd to mess with my extra Riddell Mini Fett that I was going to make into Jango. :)
If these are made include me in a couple....I've always wanted to try my own personal paint job. Also be a great way of practicing some techniques without actually screwing up a larger, screen accurate, helmet. Look great, please let us know if any are for sale?
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