I submit to ESB


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I have been steadily building my Fett outfit towards a transition outfit based in between ESB and ROTJ. This is because I have always hated the ESB flame thrower. However, last night I searched the deepest recesses of my being and soul and have decided that the ESB flamer really isn't that bad after all and that i could even come to like it :lol:

So does anybody have any good pics of the original ESB flame thrower that I could look at please.

All responces will be eagerly accepted.

Thanks ppl.

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The ESB Flamethrower is a work of machined art! MUCH better than that,pfft,boxed "laser" on ROTJ;)

Congrats on the decision to assemble the best Boba Fett!8)



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Alan - Got them now, thanks a lot they are great, very detailed. Thanks
wizardofflight said:
I e-mailed the drawings out yesterday, if you have gotten them yet please let me know.