I redid my DP96 helmet today!


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Thats great question. I would defer that question to RafalFett - who in my eyes, has an intimate knowledge of all things Fett and his knowledge of "Fett-Fu" is incredibly strong! So for example, if your knowledge of Fett is compared to that of the Jedi - Then Rafal Fett is easily on the Jedi Council. If RafalFett is not Yoda, then he's easily a Mace Windu!

RafalFett - The question is: The Borden Connector - where did this part originate from? This is just a best guess on my part, but like most parts, I woulda thought it came off of a piece of equipment that the prop builders used.



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Iron, you are much too kind! There's no secrecy in that part, it is just a piece found in a box full of goodies (short answer). The production designer works from sketches, concept drawings/paintings and blueprints did by others; in this case Norman Reynolds did the blueprints for the Supertrooper/Boba Fett character from sketches and concept drawings made by McQuarrie and Johnston. He might have used this drawing

to add the borden connector to the blueprint:

The model maker (Brian Archer) then tried to find a piece in possibly multiple boxes full of goodies to visually match the drawings; in this case he put a dental connector:


Some of these greeblies don't have practical use, they just look cool. Then with time they got multiple names like data port, diagnostic port, borden connector and so on (long answer).