I owe, I owe, off to shipping I go...shipments sent

Zam I Am

Well-Known Hunter

Hope you all received your stuff in good order, still waiting on stuff for:
Lady Zam
Cutest Sandgirl

from the seamstress. Arg...
I am sorry people no news on any patterns. If I did know, I will pm/post about it.
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Kimmy, you should email or call her directly. I will handle shipping once she is done. But, she still hasn't updated me on how long it will be till your stuff is finished. Sorry :(
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Cool! I'm looking forward to receiving it! Finally feeling like I'm making some progress here! :D

Thanks again ZamIAm!
Just received this huge package... hmmm.. wonder what it could be? ;)

Everything is in order, except that my cats are crawling inside the now empty box :D

Thanks ZIA ... now I have no excuses for not finishing up the costume!
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