I need your thought on this helmet

I am as you know using WOF's plans to make pretty much most if not all of my jango fett costume.

Using the helmet plans, I opted for the add a helmet to top for a more correct dome.

I need your thought on this before I waste time cutting and glassing it up.

It looks possibly too square in the back.

Front view

Side view

My concern is the curve from the top down to the rear it looks too dramatic, or am I just worrying too much?

Its an adult size Medium multi sport helmet
bumped for update

Ive cut off the bottom of the helmet, and then cut it in half, using only the front half of the helmet I placed it on the paper fett bucket and it almost a perfect fit.

Im going to use it as a mold, and lay resin over it to make matching front and back sections. Since its plastic the resin will peel away easily, leaving behind a perfect dome shape I can then glass the two together, to make an even front and back for a jango.

What do you think?
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