Flight Suit I need some weathering advice

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by RedBeard, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I just got my flight suit from Loanstar, and damn it looked good. It was wrinkled as hell from shipping, so I thought I could wash it in cold on delicate...now most of the weathering is gone. I've looked through the threads, but found mostly pics of what people have done. What can I use to get the weathering back, and stay on when washed? I'm assuming y'all wash your suits...lol.
  2. Drax

    Drax Member

    I've always seen people recommend using copious amounts of Febreze instead of washing lol.
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  3. Covafett

    Covafett Member

    I've never washed mine. Febreze is the way to go. Washing is a no go cause it will remove the weathering, gradually damage the soft parts, or cause shrinkage. You can also put it in the freezer to "clean" it because it kills the bacteria that cause odor.
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  4. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I kinda look at that like those guys who think body spray is a shower lol
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  5. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Loanstar uses actual German Dirt!
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  6. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    People seem to get good results by getting the flightsuit wet and then adding paint mists. You could also try dyes and shoe polish.
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  7. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I'll give that a try...thanks!
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  8. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    Yup if you wash your flightsuit you are going to have to redo your weathering every single time you wash it because even paints in fabric arnt permanent in a washing machine. I have used fabreeze on it and let it sit outside in the air for a day. Also plain vodka mist has worked for me as well. (Weird but it works)

    As far as weathering it goes you are going to want to wet the entire suit through so you get even paint distribution and what I did was just mist on layers of black grey and some small amounts of tan (this is different from ROTJ to ESB)

    Once I layered some paint up I would let it dry, reevaluate and go again. I think I probably put 6-8 layers on myself. And even then when I was done I took wet charcoal and took it to the seems and then after that I drug the suit all over my cars wheel well (particularly on the lower legs for ESB). There’s really no right way to do it and it’s kind of preference. If you have an airbrush you may have more control but an airbrush has a completely different look than other methods so it’s really up to your preference.
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  9. Loanstar

    Loanstar Active Member

  10. Builder

    Builder Member

    I weathered with acrylic paint sprayed through an airbrush.Mist the suit to get the fibers wet then soak in and build up layers of acrylic
    letting each dry to harden the paint. Acrylic is water soluble out of the tube but when dry it is not. It is also a little flexible and plastic like when set.
    Hand wash when needed..cool water. If you use real dirt and grime it will always wash out.The other tips are fine but I'm one of those who believe
    that many over weather (especially ESB). Prop builders did that to compensate for film lighting. Boba doesn't look that grimy in the film to me. For instance, his
    helmet looks very used not very dirty. Soldiers (mercenaries) keep even used equipment clean. Their life depends on it. If you look used but not too dirty in person
    when trooping (some exception from the knees down and cargo flaps) that's how people remember Boba from the film.
    The film image is also how George Lucas envisioned Boba or he wouldn't be that way....Right? Just my lowly opinion.. Not trying to start a argument. Each of us has to decide
    for himself.
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  11. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    Thanks for the tips guys. I think I'll hold off washing it in a machine ever again lol. Need to stock up on Fabreeze now.
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  12. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    It’s the way of the Fett haha

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