I need some insight on which Humbrol Cockpit Green (78) to use, please help!


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I am wrapping up my ESB helmet build and have come to the part where I get to paint the final green coat of the dome and cheeks. As stated on here, it is recommended to use Humbrol Cockpit Green (78). Originally I went to the local hobby store and acquired most of the paints at the beginning of the build along with one Humbrol Cockpit Green (78), the only one they had in stock. When I finally got to the dome, I realized that I need more paint than the one canister so I ordered some from another store and received a Humbrol Cockpit Green (78) that is darker than the previous one. I thought that maybe one of the two was probably an earlier or different batch, so I ordered another from a different shop and received the latter darker version.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
I am stuck on which one to use. I don't want to use the lighter one cause am afraid I won't have enough and I feel like the darker is too dark. Which one is right, can someone please elaborate on this issue? Please help!

There does seem to be two different 78 shades, at least on the Ultimate Paint Conversion Chart site I use.


I have no idea why though, if it's a older shade or regional or whatever. Your lighter one does look like more the correct color though, but yeah, definitely do some tests.
I used 78 on my paint job. the lid is a very inaccurate depiction of that particular color. Pop it open and stir, you'll see the real color.
I tested the paints like you guys suggested and you guys were right, the lids are way OFF! The two were definitely from a different batch, as there is an almost an unnoticeable difference in shade but still pretty close. When all said and done, I will say that the darker shade lid, looks nothing like the paint inside. So... for the record fellas, keep in mind, THE LID IS NOT AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF THE PAINT INSIDE.

Thank you all for responding and helping out. Now am off to try and figure out what other alternative of masking fluid for the Humbrol Maskol as am having a hard time acquiring it. Anyone, have any suggestions?
Good to know. Glad it worked out.

Also as for masking fluid, pretty much any other brand will work more or less just the same, they're all liquid latex, just thinned slightly different and with different color tints in em. You can add your own acrylic paint to tint em yourself, few drops at a time till it looks how you want. Personally, I just buy some bulk liquid latex and then thin it with water and add acrylic purple paint to it, makes a pretty good approximation of Maskol. It can still be good to have at least a bottle of the branded artist stuff though, as it does flow and dry a little better.
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