I Need A Fiberglass Boba or Jango Helmet:

Dha Syntir

Active Hunter
My new chest armor arrived Saturday and it should be completed soon, so I need a new project and that will be a new helmet. I just don't know exactly where to find one I can afford that's also a quality item. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find a decent dealer that has very large helmets as I'm a fairly large guy-so a Rubies isn't going to cut it with me as I want to set up fans and a headset for my voice amp and the like. I've seen a helmet on Ebay quite often for around $100-$130 or so and I think I'll have to buy the rangefinder/etc seperately as well as the visor-which I luckily already have. I just don't want to put any more effort into fixing up a Rubies helmet when I know I'm going to want to upgrade soon...I'd appreciate any guidance anyone could give me, thanks.