I might buy armor


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I might buy some armor thats cheap because for some reason all my stuff dosent ever turn out right. Like my chest plates one of them came bad when I painted it. I cant get the painting process. I just cant do it and it will cost me alot of $$ to get a good paint job done by a profisional. I need some help.

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Painting isn't impossible. It just takes time and patience. You must study the reference pics of whatever suit you're building and even be sitting in front of the computer staring and analyzing those pics WHILE you're painting the details of your armor. As far as "cheap armor" goes, the best bet I've seen is Ebay. Cheaper kinds of Fett armor put up there all the time.


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painting the armor is definitely a challenge... if you haven't done a lot of painting previously, don't be discouraged by a few failed attempts.

i've been spraypainting and airbrushing things for years and still bleep things up more often than i'd like to admit ;)

a good way to save effort is to practice painting on some scrap plastic. get some cheap no parking signs from a hardware store and experiment with technique. it will be similar enough to the armor you'll eventually be painting to be helpful, but will be $10 instead of $100


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if i dont like a paintjob ive done, i just sandpaper most of it off and start over...its pretty easy to do on sentra, i think...then again, im not making incredibly detailed sets like bobas


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lizard, mabye try to just do some research and read/learn different threads and methods about, tricks, techniques , painting and what material types u can use for a bit. until u get familar with the many things involved in projects like a fett or any costuming/modeling. after all, u are re-creating boba fett! ive been airbrushing and building sci-fi models for years, painting cars, im a carpenter, and im just now sanding down my bucket to prep!! and ive been a member here for over three months!! research, study the pics, and read ALL threads!! u will do juts fine if u take ur time, and dont get discouraged, just dont get to ahead of urself:cheers

~search is the key for all rewards. after all, didnt he eventually find the pumkin patch..??:lol:


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The most important part of painting is your prep work. Meaning you want a clean surface, and couple coats of primer before you even think of paint. I recomend spraypaint if you are very new to painting.


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When it comes to paint, make sure you read the directions on the can. Secondly don't paint enamel over acrylic. If you want to try out the wash technique I suggest testing it with tempera paint. it wont damage anything if you mess up and you can wash it all off if you do. you can even clear coat over it.