I have finally got the t-visor cut out. Next step please?


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I keep trying to do this right and it keeps ending up looking like crap. I'm going to have to contact a friend of mine about this. I was wanting to hold off on this, yet it seems I have very little choice.


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a tricky thing with keeping the paint on the fett helmet is if you do the silver and build up from there. The silver is not meant to have paint applied to it. After applying the silver I used a clear coat on it... this allows the paint to bond better. You also want to make sure you let your primer cure and that the primer is on evenly! If you prime over an area with dust, dirt, or oil from your hands, it wont stick right! Test the promer by putting a small strip of green auto masking tape, this can be purchased at any auto store and some home improvemnet stores in the paint section. Its very flexable and bonds well to paint. To ensure a clean seal on your masked area, carefuly seal the masked area with a clear coat, for the silver I used semi gloss and for the rest I used flat (make sure not to spray it on your silver scratches or they will go dull!) This will help insure no paint run under the tape. :)

Hope that helps.