I have finally got the t-visor cut out. Next step please?


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Hey guys. I finally worked up the guts to cut out my T-visor from my helmet. I'm doing a custom, so I'm ready for the next step. I have another visor ready to go. How do I make it stay in place?

Thanks guys, after I'm done painting it and such, I'll try to get pics up.
I should be going to get paints today. I'd like to get it painted before I put the visor in. I think I paint it in this order:

Fusion white first, that add some mustard to the parts where I want scratches. Next, I apply the metallic silver on top. Then I add the black. Now, I wait for it to dry, and the spots where the mustard is, I just rub it off and the weathered scars are there

Does that sound like a good idea?
I spoke with a bunch of people who told me that black primer is best under metallic silver - really makes it "pop" - gives it a real metal look - but I dont know, I havent started to paint...
I agree with SarlaccBits on that. Black primer first.. Then the silver..
Light sanding on the primer to smooth it out helps too.

I would also recommend before any painting to use windex or something like it to wipe down the helmet to remove all sanding residue and oily fingerprints.

Good luck on the paint job. :)
I have the paints now, They didn't have metallic so I guess I can do the weathered look. I didn't have enough money for the camera though. I will get those pics up though.
Anyway, I found some plastic primer in my garage. Do you think I should start spraying that first or just start with my white?
Alrighty then. I'll get right on it soon.

And, almost forgot. my colors are Satin Krylon Fusion white,
Satin Krylon Fushion Black, and Satin Krylon fusion hunter green
Well, I just got through putting the white paint on. There's a few 'bumbs' on there, so.. I might sand it a little, as Jun Garros Fett says.
I got the black paint on now. there were a few specs so I sanded it, then I had an idea since the black wiped off a little. I took a rag and kind of poked at it and gave it the weathered look since there is white under it. It almost looks as if it has taken a beating.

I'll be doing a bit more with it tomorrow then I'll try to paint the visor
Well, an update for today. I screwed up so I had to start over and now I'm at the same spot again: I only need to paint the visor trim. can I go to lowes to get special tape to cover up the areas I do NOT want to get the green paint on?
You can use regular old masking tape, if it's not too sticky. Too sticky and it might pull some paint up when you remove it. You can stick it on your shirt and pull it off a few times to reduce some of the stickiness.
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