"Hybrid" helmet. help needed


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Hi guys! New to the board and to Fett' s helmets. (So many stormies buckets to get).
I'd like to know what are these "hybrid" helmets which can be seen on ebay at the moment??? (Boba Fett costume helmet prop kit star wars).
Are these recast of the Mystery helmet? Or an original creation?
I'd like to get my first movie sized, accurate Fett helmet(only have a 95DP) but want one from the former maker not a recast of a recast...
Help would be appreciated

PS no offence to anyone i'm just new the Fett helmets world and just don't know much.

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The "hybrid" helmet isn't a recast as far as I know. I actually owned the first one off the line. Basically, the maker took measurements from a DP Deluxe and a Mystery Helmet and used these to make the hybrid. That's the official story.

Here's my personal critique. It's not really much larger than a DP95 and the quality really isn't that great. The back has the same warp that the DP95 has so I would guess that the maker actually used pcs of various DP buckets to build it. I have no idea if any part of a mystery helmet was recast but overall the quality really isn't all that comparable so I doubt that it matters.

Better than a DP95? You bet.
Better than a DP DLX? I've never seen one up close so hard to say.
As good as a Marrow_Sun or a Mystery? Not really considering cost is almost the same.

Hope that helps.

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First of all let me say WELCOME TO TDH! The premier place for everything Fett related!! There is a wealth of knowledge here from both its members and its stored information. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have over its years of evolution.

You're not going to get an original MSH from the maker since he hasn't even got the molds anymore to the best of my knowledge and not to mention that they haven't been "made" for around 3 years now.

Your best bet is to wait for something to come up on ebay. The only problem lies in the descriptions on these ebay acutions. What the sellers there say is an MSH and what "WE" here call an MSH can differ. There are only a handfull of MSH & MSH2's out there and there is alot of who to know as much as there is what to know when it comes to buying one online.

Oh,and I have an "original" MSH from the "original" maker btw. ;)



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Thanks guys for the replies and the pms. That did help a lot!!!
I think i'll go for a Marrow_sun as a good start.



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Got Maul said:
okay, now that you know your info, could you tell me what HDPE stands for ?

Not to speak for Stormy, but it should refer to "High Density Polyethylene," which is the khaki-colored plastic Andrew Ainsworth used on the original ANH Stormtrooper helmets.


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Exactly, High Density Polyethilene (or Polythene).

You go it tylerdurden.

Some say it was only used for fishponds prototypes, other for all helmets exept ABS heros.
I've my theory but that's off topic.
I won't start any controversy in this thread, especially regarding a non Fett subject .