How would you make this Megatron?


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Hi all, sorry this isnt SW related, but you guys have been very helpful in the past. I couldn't find a more appropriate costume making forum so I turn to the Fett masters. ;)

(however, if you can recommend some good sites to check, I'd apprecaite it!)

So, I want to make this Megatron mask. I modeled his head in 3D (in Maya) and scaled the proportions to fit over my own, to line up with my eyes, etc. In other words, its designed to be worn. I then flattened out the model in a program called Pepakura Designer so that I could print out the parts to be cut from some material.

I've done all of this, and tried cutting the pieces from foam core, and also matte board, both to no avail. I'm now thinking maybe Sintra? Or Sheet styrene?

My problem is that it has to be THIN but very DURABLE.
The design calls for cutting out the shapes and scoring and foling along the dotted lines.

not an easy task, but I know it can be done. ANY advice is greatly appreciated!!


The templates:

The 3D model (what the built model should look like):



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I would cut it in a thin plastic, styrene seems like a nice idea. 1/16" would probably be best. Tape it all together first then slowly start to bondo and fill the edges, once the helmet is complete you want to really reinforce the inside, probably with bondo or fiberglass. The outside could then be covered in a layer of fiberglass, then it could be ready to be moulded :)