How To Attach All The Armor??

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Hello fellow fett's... I'm new to this board.. well 'new' with posting a message that is.. I have been stompin' around here for a few weeks now.. doing my research, and man has all your postings helped me out!.

Anyway.. the question I have is "How can I attach my sintra armor onto a vest?" Now my vest is just a mocked up T-shirt, weathered, and I have read that gluein' it to the shirt would be a good way to go. If so.. what type of glue would I use? If glueing isn't the way to go...then what other methods would be best to use. I have thought even to make some sort of plate that would fit under the vest and fit to the form of my body. Then the small parts of the vest/shirt would be cut out under where the armor would go and I could epoxy the armor back to the plate under the shirt. This I would think would help it keep its form and shape with no shifting??

But before I go and do that.. maybe some suggestions would be great!. Thanks.
Nuts and bolts, my friend.

That is what they used to attach the shoulder bells, and you are guaranteed that your pieces won't move.

Glue the bolt to the underside of the armor. Pierce its spot through the fabric and attach your nut. :)
Thanks guys... totally missed that page throughout my journey of doing my fett research... thanks for the links.. sure will help.

I took a look at the bolt option and that just might do it for me. But then again.. I am always trying to think of a easier way... and maybe a quicker way would be to still do holes threw the shirt / vest, but instead of bolts.. just use epoxy. to merge the armor to the inner piece. Now I also have see a photo on the net of the real fett on display and I can sort of see some sort of shape pushing out inside of the vest on the maniquin. It to me looks like it could be a full shape of something behind the armor... just underneath the vest. Now whether or not they used bolts or not.. its beyond me.. but I guess with having a one inner piece, that would totally help the chest armor stay in one spot... This one full piece then could come higher up and over the shoulders.. (if you used a formed piece of Sintra) and that piece could connect to the back armor and also the shoulder armore blocks.

Just my suggestion, and I might just try it.. and will let you all know if it will work out for me.
Whatever you choose to do, I highly recommend that you DO NOT use velcro! I started to attach my armor with this, and it sucked a lot. It was loose around all of the edges, and you could clearly see the velcro where the fabric pulled away from the armor. I decided to go the glue route, and used Tacky Glue for the main part, and while that was drying (and to hold the edges) I used superglue right around the very edge.
Of course, I just did that last night, so I'm not sure how it will hold up to wearing. Fair warning on this method! :)
I think I'm going to go with a combination of velcro and glue. I used the velcro after I had difficulties with the glue and bolts method.

Or maybe... now that I'm thinking about it, I'll try gluing the bolt heads directly to the back of my armor and then bolting that through the fabric. I originally tried the method where you make a copy of the armor...bolt that down and then glue the real armor on top of the bolted down copy. It made a complete mess! Remember that scene from American Pie 2? You know... "I glued"

Well... let's just say...never wear your vest while gluing armor to it! LOL I had this friggin' glue dripping all down my left arm... it was AWEFUL!!!!! LOL
Well I think any method if done right will work... I guess.. I actually haven't started anything yet to my vest. But I could see the bolts being a problem... might be hard to do. I think I will attempt the way I mentioned above.. with laying out the armor peices, and then tracing them on a piece of sintra, and then cut out that piece, but leave enough sintra to go up over my shoulders, and there I could make a small piece on each side of the shoulder to attach the shoulder armor pieces, then I could also leave a big more on the molded sintra to attach the back armor. I think that this will totally make the front armor stay in its set postion since it will be glued to the under molded sintra.. Anyway.. I'm gonna be trying that soon.. just have to paint up my pieces first.. and then I'll attempt it.. I will post pics of it later...
I finally decided to go with snaps for my chest armor.I tried magnets,velcro and finally snaps.My armor is sintra.I was worried about the snaps making it stick out too far.So finally I took a dremel and recessed the snaps into the back of the armor roughly half the thickness of the armor.Now the snaps are almost flush.It is time consuming but not very hard to do.The hardest thing was making sure I didn't grind all the way through the armor.I have yet to attach it to the vest but I think it will be great.
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I think I'm gonna go with the grommets. A friend of mine has a grommet maker (I'm not sure what this is) and has vollunteered his services. I'll post pics when we can find the time to do this.
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Velcro... and lots of it....

I found at the dollar store believe it or not this type of plain regular use velcro.. that seems to work better then the average stuff you can buy at any hobby or walmart shop... go figure...

So yah.. velcro.. and again.. lots and lots of it.. and oh yeah I forgot.. 'Goop' on the front chest and stomach armor... the rest was done with velcro....
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Just like Mykull, I used "Goop" for my chest armor. It was very easy to do, and it's not coming off (I tried). My shoulder bells are attached with velcro, and my knees with velcro and elastic, of course.
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I've never used GOOP. Tell me, can you remove the armor easily without tearing the vest? I'm wanting to make my uniform wearable by Halloween, but it will be far from finished.
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What is this "Goop" everyone is talking about. Is it like some kind of Super glue? Where can I get some?

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Goop is like silicone, ecept it is not as pliable when it is dry. It used to be sold as a product to build up the wear spots on shoes.
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Will I be able to remove my armor from the vest if i use GOOP? I really dont want to punch holes in my vest but i want to be able to wear it for halloween, though it will still be unfinished.
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If you goop it.. it will stick like glue... really tight.. sure you'll be able to remove it.. with some force.. and it might even... actually will damage your vest I'm sure.. so you might want to consider waiting to use it untill your ready to make it pretty much permit..

You might if your in a rush want to just do a quick velcro job for halloween.. and then unstich it after your done with it.. and then go the route of Goop.

Goop is good.. goop is god...for bonding stuff like plastic to fabric. Other then that, that is all I have to say other then I got mine at home depot to.. was even cheaper there then it was at Walmart believe it or not.
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I bought rare aerth magnets at Jo-Anns fabric store( the metal one noththe crappy black ones) and i used them they hold very well. For every one on the armor i used one behind it on the vest and they REALLY hold.

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Currently I have a combination of velcro and glue and was considering using snaps since a buddy of mine had downed shoulder armor when he was walking around in his Trooper armor.

But I was just about to ask you guys on what you used and found this posted already . . .

Thanks for the Help on this !!!

Take Care Friends

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