how o make armor

How do you make Boba Fett or Jango Fett armor? I need to know for school project. I need to know fast.
Please but instructions. Dont for get its for a school project
“Kastalorian” Blueprints.

- The shoulder, chest and belly templates are meant to be repinted on 8.5” x 11” paper.
- The neck and knee templates are meant to be printed on 11” x 17” paper.
- Please remove any “shrink to size” or “expand to fit” options before printing.

1) What is Sintra and where do I it?
- Sintra is a PVC plastic and can be purchased from some sign shops and sheet plastic distributers. Your best bet is to check your Yellow Pages under "plastics" or run a search for distibuters on the Internet. A 3mm thick 4' x 8' sheet of Sintra (roughly enough for 4 sets of Large armor) should cost around $25 US.

2) What tools do I need?
- Sintra can be cut using either a rotary tool or a simple x-acto knife. The knife is recommended because the rotary tool actually burns through the plastic and releases harmful toxins into the air. Use a plywood sheet to cut on and score lightly first and then press harder to cut through.
- To form Sintra, you can use boiling water or a heat gun. In boiling water, 3mm Sintra becomes moldable after 10-15 seconds immersion. If using a heat gun, make sure to heat the side which won't be seen as the heat changes the surface texture.

3) Once you armor is complete, you will want to bevel the edges a bit and give it a light sanding. Piant it with a good primer and then apply a few coats of whatever color you want to cover it with.

4) As far as attachment goes, I would recommend a mixture of snaps and velcro. You can get both at Walmart.

I can email you the templates if that will help. Let me know.
I have a question. How do you get the dents and the deep scrapes into it?

Also on the cod piece how do you make it look like there are two layers?
Heat the back of the armor (the side facing in) with a heatgun and then use a screwdriver (pointy for scratches / handle for dents) to make the impressions.

The cod piece should have two layers. One large shape for the entire cod and then a teard drop shape top center. Crazy glue is an excellent adhesive for laminating the 2 pcs together.
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