How much of a stickler are you?


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I've had my Sgt. Fang helmet here for a while now, but as of yet had done anything to it. While cutting out the visor area I started really paying attention to how many litle dips there were over the surface. Most everything is smooth as can be, but the dips were going to bug me to no end.

Especially that one big dent right up front!!! That was a beast to get bondo'd up.:lol: J/K

Just wondered if I went a bit overboard on my sticklerism or if it's justifiable?






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Well there is a point where some people go a bit "overboard" with detail, and the project becomes more of a quest than something that is fun.

If you have ever looked up close to actual movie props, you will see all the little flaws, scotch tape, duct tape, screws, scratches, etc.. that are on them, but you will never see them on screen. (that is - until HDDVD is out )

You have to ask yourself, do you make something better than it actually is (propwise), or try to stick to what the prop actually looks like.

Example, the gauntlets. They do not have hinge joints, yet alot of people have them on, to make them easier to wear.

Accurate to the prop or easier for the end user.

In the end - how you feel about your work is all that matters, If it makes you happy - then your on to something....


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hey man that looks great. the vents on the back, did you do that with just a dremel or a small set of files too? thats my next thing to tackle.