How much did you pay fo your neckseal?

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Can a few of you PM me with how much you paid for your neckseals and where you got them. I'm putting together some pricing info and am trying to compare what others are going for.
Hmmmm, I love my TK-409 neckseal, but it doesn't look like it's available at the moment. I believe Mrs. Tk-409 has been busy with other projects...;) (congrats Chris!)
well i hade mine out of an old pillow. i took one long side & folded it into 1inch ribs and overlaped them. it sorta looks like vinal siding on a house. its not VERY accurite but it looks good & didnt cost me anything butan hour
I also got mine from Chris Tk409 I think they were 40-50 but he isn't making them anymore (which is too bad cause they were the bomb).
This is mine, sewn with love...



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