How many versions are there for a 95DP helmet?


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Basically what I'm getting at is when I'm checking Ebay and some other sites, all I can find are 95 DP helmets made from vinyl or latex vinyl. Some sites and Ebay state that the vinyl is molded from the original molds?:confused I'm not sure but I feel that some were made in plastic too like some of the 96DP. I wish for the fiberglass but the price for one of those will get me in big Doo-Doo with the wife. I'm sure vinyl is harder to work with when repainting and modifying, unless I'm totally wrong. I really don't want vinyl if it is flimsy. Is rotocast vinyl the same as a plastic or is it just a beefed up word to make me believe that its a sturdier vinyl?
Thanks everyone!
as far as I know only the DP deluxe was made from fiberglass. So guess ur gonna have to get a new wife ;) JK. Good luck finding a helmet you J(and wife) like :)
ALL DP regular helmets were made in slush cast viynl.......... 95, 96, 97.... Viynl is a plastic.

The 1st 95's were done in the sturdier hard white viynl (only 100-200 were made in white viynl), the later 95's and most 96's were done in a sturdy green viynl, but not as sturdy as the white.

Then you got the 97's that took a big Bantha poodoo and are a cheap flimsier viynl.

ALL are prone to some type of warpage with the 97's being the worst....

The DP DLX were all fiberglass.
Wow, thanks guys! so the 97 is the one to stay away from. Now my next question ..... On the earlier helmets does bondo stick well to the plastic/vinyl? For example, filling in the dent to convert the helmet to a Jango. What I'm getting at is if the bondo does well with the plastic vinyl material...and if some of you have done this it strong enough to hold the bondo just in case someone bumps into your helmet and causes the helmet to flex? I don't want the bondo to pop out. Any help on this is super appreciated! Thanks!
Have you ever tried to get Bondo off of anything? Good luck! You would probably want to sand the vinyl in the dent with 80 or even 60 to get it nice and rough beforehand I would imagine. You could try a little dab on the inside somewhere (both on a small sanded and a small non-sanded area) let it dry for an hour and see if it'll pop off.
Slightly off topic, but I was working on my 70 VW bus and I noticed one of the flat side panels had a dent that had been Bondo'd(?) and I thought , in being a flat panel, there is no reason for Bondo, I could bang it out, so I attempted to get it off..... Any idea how much dust I had to inhale? I was blowing pink snot for days. (I was wearing a dust mask at the time, so don't repremand me! The stuff gets everywhere.)
My point is..... Bondo is permenant. It would take a huge blow to the head to dislodge it from you're helmet. I used some of the Bondo spot putty on the outside of my DP to cover the copyright info and it worked great.
Oh, as far as paint goes, primer....wait....Paint....wait.....Seal with a clear! Patience.

Hope that helps.

If you are filling the dent to make a Jango one way to make sure the dent never comes out is to put a screw into the dent from the inside of the helmet.

Just make sure the screw does not stick out past the dent.

The bondo grabs the threads in the screw and will hold forever.
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