how heavy is your jet pack?

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how heavy is your jetpack?

I just finished my scratchbuilt jet pack and was wondering what the average weight jet packs usually are. The reason I ask is I have a problem with my pack (7 pounds) slipping down my back after a while. If this weight is about right then its probably got something to do with my harness being rubbish.
Just out of curiosity could anyone with a fg pack let me know the weight. (future upgrades ;))
My scratchbuilt's about 9-10 pounds, I think.

The most I've worn it for was about an hour at a time.
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My jet pack is also very very heavy and thick. It's out of fiberglass. On day I wore it over 4 hours non-stop because I did not have the possibility to put it down. That was poison for my neck and my shoulders.
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I never weighed my scratchbuilt before.Its basically 1/16" styrene and 3 pexiglass tubes.Its not too heavy though.Im sure its heavier than a fg kit though.
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just weight mine...its 3lbs! fiberglass with lots of stuff on it and two missles. Used 4 and 6 oz with soem fglass matt also...

barey notice its there...keep hitting things, unlike my "spacepack"..
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Mine's around 10 lbs (MB old style), and trust me, it weighs heavily after multiple hours of wearing it. I've recently taken to adding more foam padding under the shoulders of the harness to compensate the difference more. It does help.

I've done 50 + events wearing that thing for many hours, and it feels great to take it off at the end of each one. :lol:
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I'm going to guess mine is about 2-3 lbs because it is MUCH lighter than my book bag
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10 pounds 5 ounces. I found a parachute harness at a yardsale somewhere along time ago I used that to hold it to my back. I dont notice the weight much.
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Under 10 lbs, but I don't have a scale to give you an exact weight.

You may want to consider adding a bar or hooks at the bottom to keep it from slipping and eliminate any wobbling while you walk.
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