How do you fasten the cod and buttplate and the backplate


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Could any one tell me how you fastend the cod and butt plate together and how the backplate is fastend.

I was thinking about the cod and butt plate this is an idea to use those clamps like they use on skiboots to fastend them togther.

If any one has pics please post.
I don't have my buttplate finished yet, but my understanding is that the there is a bolt that goes through on each side, the same style bolt that attaches the collar and backplate together (looks like a keyboard key).
Yep! I used the same bolts as my collar (one on each side) to attach the butt to the cod, works a treat :D

I used the bolts as well, but on one side I just attached the bolt but it doesn't go through, I have velcro there so it opens up without undoing the bolt. I also attached velcro to the cod and butt and the jumpsuit to keep it all in place.
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The bolts that connect the collar and back armor (I call them "collar cubes") are the same thing used on the butt/cod connection. I personally used snaps with a reinforcement of industrial velcro.

Thanks Guys this helpes, now i´m working on shaping the back armor it is going OK nothing more.

We´ll see.
I used velcro on the buttplate to attach to the cod, I have the little bolts also but they are just for looks. As for the backplate I used the bolts on that one I just put a screw threw the armor into the bolts on both sides. To take it off you just unscrew the 2 bolts on one side.
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