Hoping to start my First Fett project!

Lee Fett

New Hunter
Hi All,

Im talking with someone at the moment about getting hold of a DP Deluxe cast and am aiming to start my first Fett helmet project over the next few weeks.Im hoping to turn it into a labour of love and take my time on it,so please forgive me if i ask a few questions over the next few months:)

Looking forward to speaking to some of you guys and hearing your advice.


Lee Fett,
Welcome! Lots of good people and good info on the board. I'm sure you'll find answers to whatever questions you'll have.
Good deal on "taking your time" with it! It's definitely a time-intensive project.

P.S. There sure are a lot of people who are related on this forum. I didn't realize the name Fett was so common!
Welcome to the dented helmet lee!

i'm sure you'll find a loadfull of info at the dented helmet! the project sounds nice, hope to get updates on it! oh, and your also planning to make the whole costume, right?
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