Homemade Armor choices


Christ luvn fett

Okay folks, first things first, this is my first time posting here at the dented helmet, and I must say that I am impressed at all the helpful hints I've found, however, I am looking for cheaper, yet efficient materials to make my armor out of.

I know Sintra is the most popular, and I've already begun to think about buckets, but what about sheet metal. I'm curious to see if a certain gauge of sheet metal would pass as decent armor. I am also concerned about how it holds certain kinds of paint. Do you all know of a cheap reliable material short of sintra? Thanks for the help, guys, and gals!
Cheaper materials well go with cardboard ''I guess''. Sintra is truly your friend if u want to buy cheap stuff.My armor is made out of multilayers of alumimum sheets and beleive me they were more expensive than sintra. The results of my armor are amazing.
Yeah, I've played around with cardboard and foamcore but they just don't look right, (for the obvious reasons)
i'll keep on trying other things and let you all know how they work.
If you have a dremmel or good shears, try cutting armor out of 18 gauge sheet metal. I took some old paint cans from work (5 gallon) and cut my first set of armor from that.
mmm i use a sheet metal an aluminium alloy and sync
very light and strong, the common use for that its for tiled roof, that material does not oxidize
and a sheet cost here almost $11 size 110cm x 220cm if im not wrong :)
Wow, thanks for the imput guys and gals! I appreciate it!
There is nothing wrong with sintra I was just wondering if there was a better cheaper alternative. I'll probably just go on ahead and bite the bullet and use sintra. But anyhoo thanks yall!
Yeah, and there is really nothing cheaper that is as easy as Sintra to work with and that will get you great results. Go with Sintra.
heh, if you want a cheap costume, go tusken! :p

i almost did but ehh you know.... ep2 came out and jango is a whole lot cooler!
Cant go wrong with sintra.I paid 30 bucks for a 8'X 8' sheet and I used half of that for my whole costume.You will be hard pressed to find a cheaper method.You can try though.This board is always open to new ideas and methods.
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