Hola from the USA!


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Hey friends!

I just joined up, I’m IndyFanChuck from the RPF (been over three for 15 years-ish) and super excited to join you all.

Like a lot of you I fell in Love with Boba Fett as a kid after watching Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi! I literally remember wearing 80’s arm sweatbands as my arm gauntlets and yes, a real football helmet as my very first Boba Fett helmet! Haha! (Hey, I was 7)

Anyway, now that my son is old enough we have been watching the Mandalorian on Disney+ and my little kiddo has decoder he wants to me the Mandalorian and wants Dad to be Boba Fett! Very exciting family fun that is headed our way!

So I’m hear first to learn all about the costumes. Then to find the best parts and pieces to purchase. And lastly to get to know you guys and gals and share in the joy of this hobby.

Im sure I know a lot of you from the RPF. I’m glad to be here!

The costume I’m gonna work on creating is the episode where Boba Fett gets his armor back before he paints it.

Happy Holidays to you all!



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Thanks Shortfuse!

Is there a good thread that teaches you how to add lights and sound to your Boba Fett helmet? Any recommendations?