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OK, I think I'm going to need some help with this one. I bought a blaster from JMP and of course with the lovely postal system they managed to break it in transit. I think it's fixable but I'll probably need some help. I'll post pics of what I'm dealing with sometime tomorrow.

Right now, it's broken completely in half just above the pistol grip and a small chip is knocked out of the grip. What would be the best type of epoxy to use to put this back together?


*edit* pic added
broken blaster
Bummer Dude! :( Just a thought, but you might want to drill a hole in each end where the break occured, and fit some type of pin/dowl for some added strength, otherwise, I'm afraid you might have problems w/ it wanting to break again in the same spot. Hope that helps.
ok, I added pics. do you think superglue will hold that together or is there something stronger I can use maybe?

Damn Doug, that fracture line sucks. Having put one together I think the super epoxy will hold the resin fracture line. I dont see how you would be able to get a pin or dowel in there knowing how thin it is. You may also want to take your dremel and ruff up the surface of the aluminum stock extensions inside surface that abuts the inside of the broken grip that I see sticking out. Your only other option is seeing if Spidey would cut you a deal on the Webly pistol grip/body part if it doesn't work. Get the 1 minute stuff you'll have plenty of time to work. Good luck. Vern
Hey Doug,
Ouch, I was pretty satisfied with how tight it was packed, too. I'd like to see a pic of how it broke. I think the same epoxy I used originally on the gun will do the job just fine (great powerful stuff). If it looks like it'll do it, and I'm pretty confident it will, I'll grab a tube and send it out to you no trouble.

I'm VERY sorry to hear that it broke like that. Shoot me a pic or post them here, I think I can help :)

pic link is posted in the original post JMP. I can post links to my pics on yahoo, but can't post the image itself. Stoopid yahell.

Anyway, I can get some pretty strong adhesives here. I have some JB weld around here somewhere that I think should do the trick or I think I might grab some liquid nails. I've hards that stuff is about as strong as it gets.

hmm, of course I think it could be glued back together, the problem is the weight. That's a very crucial junction there.

If you have a drill or a dremel you might drill a few holes into each half and insert rods or screws or nails, etc. to hold it better. I think that reinforcement is the key with putting it back together.

Also, the package was insured to $100. If you have the box you have the claim #. I can also get the receipt and insurance form if you're interested in making a claim on it.

I can still send the adhesive if you want, but I think the ones you have will work just as well. And the main factor of course is reinforcing it with something.

Let me know if I can help in any way,

hmm, I might take you up on the insurance part.

I don't know that it'll be an easy thing to reinforce with some kind of post because of fitting the joints back together. you'd have to get the drill holes to match up in both place and angle. that might be next to impossible

I think one of the super adhesives should hold it ok but wether it will last or not I don't know.

Ooh, that must have hurt bad :facepalm

You can always try applying Gorilla Glue, it's really good on wood products, or anything in that matter.. Good luck with it though -
ok, I glued it back together last night with liquid nail. It should be cured completely about 6 oclock tonight. My first thought is that it's going to hold ok. looking at it a bit late last night after it had set up for about 5 hours it seems to be fairly sturdy. I guess the first real test will be going to a con somewhere and seeing if it falls apart or not.

I'll post pics later tonight when I get home and put a few of the parts together.

JMP, you'll be happy to know I think I'm going to keep it set up as an ESB blaster.

Very encouraging to hear that it's back together. Please let me know if I can help you in any way, Doug, I feel pretty crappy that it ended up broken like that. :(

I'd love to see when it's finished, Lord knows we always need more ESB rifles around here ;)

I should be able to finish putting it together today. I just need to find a few good reference pics of the esb rifle. Can you point me to a few good sources?

hmm, I'm at work and can't post anything. has great multimedia stuff, including plenty stills of Fett.

There aren't too many clear shots of the rifle that I know of. I used the Marmit Fett's rifle and pics of fanmade rifles that looked close as my reference. But in the end I just bought one that I thought looked close lol. It's pictured in my 'jumpsuit material FOUND' thread.

OK, here are pics of the progress. Hope you like them.

Pictures here

I still need to cut the barrel down, I'm only going to have the chrome pipe stick out about 2" it hasn't been painted yet either obviously. Soon though. I'll keep posting pics as things get closer to done.

Let me know what you guys think.

the glue seems to have set great. I haven't had any problems with it yet through gluing the rest of things together. thank goodness for people who make industrial strength adhesives!
well crap! I was riviting in the chrome barrell this morning and the glue bond broke. crap crap crap! I'll have to try to figure something else out I guess
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