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Discussion in 'Han Solo in Carbonite' started by CJ49er, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. CJ49er

    CJ49er New Member

    greetings all!

    Anyone build a base for their HIC or most of them get mounted on wall?
  2. CJ49er

    CJ49er New Member

    I browsed around at some different pics and came up with this base design. I wasnt sure about lighting it up, but I found what I think is a good lighting solution:
  3. CJ49er

    CJ49er New Member

    my main goal was to find a solution to keeping the HIC standing upright for a Con setup, so basically standing on its own. Only 1 tiny kid stepped on a light panel over the weekend, so 4$ in repairs isnt bad for a test run.
  4. TKOK

    TKOK New Member

    I just completed my HIC and he's sitting in my living room. I actually looked at it both ways, but in the end I just didn't want to build another project right after my HIC. I will probably eventually build one, but I really like what you did with yours. I just ordered a flat TV mount to put mine on my wall. Great job on your build!

    Here's a link to my finished project
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  5. hvacdon

    hvacdon Jr Member

    Excellent Build, Both you guys !!
    After it's all finished, what is the cost to build one?
  6. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    That is an awesome build TKOK!

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