Hey to all Fetts out there need you help!!!


I´am a german star wars fan and working in the moment on my ESB Boba Fett suit. So I get an auction on Ebay for a pair of "FULLSIZE BOBA FETT GAUNTLETS". The auction has end on the 16.06.2003 and after this I made the payment with paypal. So this guy gets his money but till now I get nothing here. His name is John and this is his ebay name and email adress:
Is there anyone who could help me with my problem or knows this guy???
I got some armor off him last year some time and he was stright up a nice guy to deal with. i haven't checked recently, but I know his ebay feedback at the time was good.

If there's a delay, i think there must be a good reason. E-mail him and axplain. I'm sure it'll work out.

I have never dealt with him so I don't know about his shipping methods or anything but maybe he shipped surface instead of air? Or the post office may not have put and air mail sticker on it and it went surface. I have shipped to Germany before and once I shipped to boxes, one went air and the other surface( I paid for air on both!) the one got there in a week and the other took over two months!
I would e-mail and see how he shipped.Hope it works out.
Sorry for calling again but I think I need some more help from you boys. I tryed to call egyptbrick now a lot of times and send him emails on his aol and his cox.net emailaddy and also over ebay but till now I get no response. What can I do more??? Is there anyone out there that has John´s phone number??? I tryed to get it but there are a lot of John Morrow in USA and also more than one towns called Gilbert. So if anyone from you can give me his phone number I will try to contact him by phone. The last way I know is to recall my money over paypal back and leaving a negative feedback on ebay but I would not like to do this. Thank´s in advance for your help boys.

Buddy of mine bought a pair from him. He got them within a week. I'll see if he still has the contact info for him as well (he sent a MO so I'm sure he'll have the addy if he can find it).

BTW: you'll probably have to trash the bottom clamshells because if they are like the ones i saw they will be warped and not usable anyway. Make new bottoms out of sintra.

Here is a pic of egyptbricks guantlets painted on a suit I'm making. (sorry about the size...at work right now and don't have a program to crop the pic with)

There may be legitimate reasons why the guy has failed to contact ...death in the family etc ....But what i would warn everyone of ,without casting aspirtions on this guy who i know nothing of ,is that E bay only want to know if you complain within 90 days...after that they just say tough luck ......i got shafted on a 12 inch 4 lom fig from "thompson toys"....wont bother with the details on that here but REMEMBER THE 90 DAY DEADLINE everyone dealing with E bay.....also if you leave feed back ,the other person can leave an answering reply ...and I'm pretty sure that if you place the feedback and it turns out its all been a misunderstanding [or if your dealing with PARCEL FARCE....yes it is an "a" when you deal with them!]you can retract it ,good luck and hope it all works out:)
O.K. thank´s for all you help but I think before the 3 month on ebay are gone I have to leave a negative feedback and will inform Ebay once again about the hole situation. I tryed everything to contact this guy but I never get a response so the money is gone and that´s all I can do at last. So the only I can say be carefull to this guy and his Ebay auktions.

Bye from germany
You can probably get the money beck since you paid with paypal. Maybe they'll show up? I know several prop makers that work that way, That don't answer emails after you send money, but they usualy come through. And there's others that answer every email and phone call and deserve credit fir it.
Good luck.
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