Hey Goat, did you know?


Those first two shots are of JangoMontes actually. The second one is from the first Brak's photo shoot.

Art, if you are reading expect a PM shortly to discuss the copyright ownership of said pics.
Yeah, DavidYR1 was upset cuz the guy is selling pleather ones, using pics of his suits...but its YOUR pics he is usin...Id find him and punch that idiot face in the throat
Thanks for the heads up buddy. I've already got some feelers out for legal advice.

Brak's check your PM's and Montes if you are reading, I've got an email coming to you as well.
Braks is on a plane back to Georgia right about now from Boston so he might not get your messages for a bit Goat. Just a heads up.
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In a world in we which we must live . . . We must look out for one another my dear brothers & sisters!

Oh yes, And one more thing!

Sniff on my dear brothers! Sniff on!
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