Help with RA vest


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I have a vest from RA which I believe is the ESB color (its pale blue). I want to turn it into a gray ROTJ vest.

Will bleach work on this fabric (I'm not sure what it is)? to bring it to a white color?

Sorry....I don't have an RA vest so I wouldn't really know the answer to the bleaching question. But not to go too OT here, but I was under the impression that the ESB vest was a darker gray than RotJ, as opposed to a pale blue. Have I missed something in the past threads somewhere, or were there differant versions in ESB?
The best way I can describe the ESB/Jedi vests is as being a white material that has either been dirtied or dyed grey.

The vest looks to be slightly more grey in ESB with the Jedi being a more washed out version of the ESB vest.

I have never seen any picture that suggests the ESB vest was light blue.
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