Help with parts for ESB blaster


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I have a bronze replica Webley, a decent looking scope, a flash tube, real V8 push rod and washer, real split plugs, and the 6 hole electrical plugs.

I know I need the following but don't know where to get them or what they are:

*The large square plate on the stock (between the split plugs)
*Whatever is connecting the scope to the barrel
*The clamps that go round the barrel

Any help acquiring the above would be appreciated. Is there anything else I need?

And can anyone tell me if there a v8 push rod and washer on both sides too?

Thanks :)


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I'm putting together an ESB blaster too
right now. I didn't know there was a v8
pushrod & waasher on the gun. Do you mind
telling me where on the gun it's supposed
to go? Also, if you have a reference pic
that you could post or email that would
be fantastic! Thanks! ;)


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V8 pushrod and washer goes right above the trigger on the flaregun's chamber. Not sure if it's on both sides though...


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I have been looking at all the ESB pictures of his blaster and I am still unsure were the "washer" goes, I just don't see it. I only see the "pushrod" item. Can anyone point this item out and maybe show a picture of what it looks like? Thanks