Help - Tracking down an ESB Boba Painter


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Okay, so out on a limb here but I am trying to find out if anyone is able to confirm the painter (or who they believe may be the painter) of this ESB helmet. I really like how dark the burgundy t-visor is in relation to the majority of the examples you see - just my personal preference. Having asked most big names out there if it was them or if they are able to replace something similar, I haven't got a straight answer so far.

So what I know is it is apparently a Bobamaker helmet that MAY have been painted by Daz -the helmet was bought second hand so the current owner isn't able to fully confirm it was him who painted it. Most of what I can see of Daz's recent work is amazing but the burgundy does seem much lighter. I am still waiting on confirmation from Daz himself to see if it was indeed an older commission of his, but I thought I would take to the masses just to see if anyone could shed some light whist I'm waiting.

Thanks guys


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