HELP painting my custom mando.


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Alright, im going to be buying some of wickedbeard's metal jango armor and painting it with woodland green, black and a navy blue for emphasis and clan markings. its going to be more of a camo colored mando, just no camo pattern. anyways, i wanted to know the best way to paint. should i buy an airbrush? from some of the threads ive seen that airbrushes are pretty expensive and i only have about 100 dollars tops to spend on the airbrush itself. should i wimp out and use spray paint? it would be nice to get some opinions on both sides so please let me know what type of airbrush or spray paint and how i should prep the metal armor to be painted etc. thanks!!!

Duran Lomax

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I've used Krylon spray paint with satisfactory results, but I have never used an airbrush. From what I hear, the airbrush is the best way to go.

If you're going to go for the airbrush, I'd suggest hitting Ebay.

Here's one that's pretty cheap


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If you're looking for coverage of large areas, there's nothing wrong with using spray cans. If you go with a good "name" brand paint, it should work just fine.
I've used spray cans on many projects with no problems. I have an airbrush as well, and it comes in handy if I need to paint something a specific color that's not available in a can. (Of course, most of the accurate Boba colors aren't availabe in sprays :facepalm )

For painting on metal, look for self-etching primer. It's usually made for painting on metal, and should give a nice tough base coat.
Make sure you let it dry really well before putting on your color coats! (y)