Help!! Need some info on the darts on the boots!!

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Russ,I was actually going to solicit you to do these for me,but I didn't have enough accurate info. to make it worth while.

Hopefully someone will chime in here to help out. I have good high res. pics from the MOM exhibits if you need them. Let me know if you'd like the pics.


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Here's what I came up with for measurements based off my Caboots and 3/4" toe plate.Oh, and you can change the CM to MM. My tape must be wrong.

shoe darts.JPG

Here's a pic of the real ones

Boots - Spikes Right 01.jpg


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Hi mate yeah got yr email !! just need some more people to help out and I will be able to get thses done!! I was going to machine the whole part the darts and the plate that they are attached to !! Then all you will have to do is attach them to the boots !! sound ok??


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I was hoping to get just the spikes. I already made the plate to fit my boot. The only problem I see with making the whole thing is there are different boot types and different sizes so the plate might not fit all boots.