help me un'gloss my bucket.


I used a lacquer based auto clear coat for my fett helmet and while it does have a nice finish to it, it is extremely glossy and ive tried oversprayin acrylic flat clear coat on it but its still quite glossy. Wht are some methods to make it not glossy? more coats of flat clear coat? dusting with pastels? ...... thx for any suggestions.
You could try lighly sanding with a super fine sandpaper or light scuff pad. Should knock down the gloss some. Then spray with dullcoat. Thats what I do with all my stuff;)
Thanks everyone. Im a noob at this stuff and this is my first boba fett peice, I'll post a few pics when I'm done so you all can tell me wht you think. Later.
If nothing ells works try super and I mean "super fine" steel wool. you can get it from home depot. If you lightly sand it with the steel wool it will take off the gloss. Try a test patch before doing the whole thing to see if it is what you want it to look like. After sanding you can buff it up to make it sort of a dull semi-gloss.
buy some "flattening" base for acrilic lacquer, add this to your clear if thats what you use, not to much, then spray that ,one cote at a time, leave to "dry" abit and see how that looks, if to "glossy" then apply another coat,add about 1 part flattening base to about 10 parts clear then thin that with thinners about 70% thinners to paint, NEVER rush paint work.EVER!!
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