Help mando assassin color scheme


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Hey guys I'm going to be getting a mandolorian assassin helmet soon but I don't know what to paint nor what to put on it could you guys share some ideas of yours? Thanks


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Maybe it's just my nostalgia, but perhaps check out some Warhammer 40k colour schemes? Wouldn't hurt to be inspired by one of those combinations.
Look for inspiration in other items that relate to the them. When working on my current bucket, I looked at what type of weapon, vehicle, how technical, what time period, all those aspects for inspiration.

Found a few pics of cars and thought, IF #DarthFettious (working title) drive a car, that would be it. That settled the paint scheme. Yes, it resorted in gloss black, flat black, red highlight, silver/metal base but in a combination I'm yet to see.

Sometimes the inspiration can be from something completely unrelated.

My 2 cents.