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I am new to this costuming thing and have been scouting this board for months now. I have to say I am impressed with all of you guy's work. I would really like to know how to make an awesome esb helmet. Any tips would be awesome.
Hi :)

I'm also making my own helmet ( second attempt ) ... heres a few ideas (y)

1. find all the refference material you can .. heres some that I can think of
www.TK560.com:fett ... picturial guide th helmet making.
www.TK409.com ... Measurements for mystery helmet ( if suitable for your head size/build etc... ).

2. Dont rush (y).

Good luck on your exciting helmet making adventure .. best of luck (y)

:jet pack
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I know you didn't do it on purpose, but the correct link to the Fett pics is
that site helps allot but im cursed without a printer and i dont really understand some things...

what did he use to make the top of the helmet?

what does he use to coat the helmet with???

this is gonna sound dumb too but after your done coating it with whatever, do you make a mold of it??

also i saw theres another halfway model of a helmet thats really off.. whats that about?

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